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Download Resetter Canon MX377

Close friend, today the admin find service printer with error 5B02, after browsing the finally found the issue, i.e. this printer ask for reset or in other words the printer has surpassed the optimum restriction of prin.

For the trouble is typically my friend will get to look like the photo below, or would typically be incurred likewise information on the LCD panel on the printer.


Well the first step friend have to have Visit this site To Download Resetter made use of to be below. After downloading the application pal please adhere to the actions listed below:

1. make certain the printer remains in a State of death.

2. Press and also hold the RESET switch, hold it approximately the following command.

3. The placement of the reset button depressed, press and also hold down the POWER button too (both clinically depressed problems).

4. The following action, hold down the POWER switch keep CHUM as well as press the RESET button as long as 5 times.

5. After pressing the RESET switch 5 times, then release both buttons at the same time and also in laptop computer friend there will certainly be a brand-new printer notif.

6. Disregard it, and also comply with the following action that is reset utilizing the software program.

Open the ServiceTool resetter BUDDY application download, as well as there will certainly be display as below, as well as always remember to prepare your paper several items:


Click "established" for no. 1, continue to click on "set" on the No.2 and the printer will certainly publish and will appear the words on the paper.

Okay the following step click "set" at no.3 and click "set" for no.4 printer will publish once again, and turn off the printer and the printer is ready for usage ...

If your pal is experiencing error when clicking "set" so buddy Fox created on the existing alternatives. Such as the absorber in the picture above right "Key" and the Fox be"Main_Black" and so forth for the other error. If confused PAL can comment.

Ideally useful ... ^_^
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