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How to resolve Error 5200 Canon Ip2770 Printer

5200 error that appears on the screen when we want to print a document often encountered on printer canon pixma IP 2770. Usually the Error due to lagging paper (paper jam) when the print process prior to the error. If you experience this please try both ways below (select one)

The First Way
  1. The printer is in a State of death and the power cord attached.
  2. Press the RESUME 2 seconds and then press the POWER button until the green light turns on (when pressing the POWER button, the button RESUMES do not removed first)
  3. Then off the button resumes, but not off POWER button.
  4. While pressing the POWER button, press the RESUME button 5 times. The led will light up alternately Flash green with orange of the last orange. (don't get mistaken 4 x because the printer will die in total).
  5. Release both buttons simultaneously.
  6. The led will blink briefly and then it will flash green.
  7. And the computer will detect new hardware, just ignore ...
  8. Press the POWER button, then the printer will die
  9. Press the POWER button then ptinter will flame and ... The PRINTER is ready to use

The Second Way
  1. How to resolve Error 5200 Canon IP 2770
  2. Turn on the printer, and the printer will look normal,Run the create printer print documents or print test, then the error 5200 will appear
  3. Immediately unplug the electric cord without pressing the on/OFF button
  4. Go to cartridge and scroll down to the middle of manually (press the hook locker
    white color behind the head, so that the cartridge can be pulled to the middle)
  5. Unplug all cartridge and let the lid remains open
  6. Turn on the printer, the head will move right to left because of bumping the lid still open then will stop in the Middle
  7. Reinstall the cartridge, and close the right
  8. Your printer will return to normal
That's two ways to handle Error 5200 on printer Canon IP 2770.Hopefully useful!
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