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How To Reset Printer Epson T13 Modifications

Epson Stylus T13 modifications Resetter Software Download-well this time I will discuss on how to reset printer Epson Stylus T13 modifications. The latest generation of Epson printer product is preferred rather than the previous generation such as Epson t11. The advantages of Epson t13 modifications of this design in addition to the speed of 28 ppm (black) and 15 ppm (color) 5760 x 1440 dpi and resolution, the most I like from this printer is that if the infusion is done very easily because the space for infusion is very loose and there's also a pit of sorrow, so no need to disassemble the casing. Here is how to reset Epson Stylus T13 modifications pictures and explanations here:

1.One step printer driver resetter epson T13 modifications you must install software click http://downloads.ziddu.com/download/15685472/ResetterEpsonT10-T13.rar.html/eng.

2. Download software resetter Epson T13 modifications Resetter Epson T13 modifications, please can You download free.http://downloads.ziddu.com/download/15685472/ResetterEpsonT10-T13.rar.html/eng

3.Date of the computer does not need to be changed as the previous resetter.

4.Important!!! Some antivirus detects it as a virus resetter. However, I use AVG anvir and the result safe. If this resetter virus detected by AVG you turn off your antivirus.

5.run the program resetter Epson T13 modifications with-double click on "URAdjProg.exe".

6.Then follow the following image below:
7."Check: used against checking maximum 7800 points, you can see it on the main pad counter if more or close to 7800 points means the printer needs to be reset."
Initialization: Please use resetter software or remove the back of your printer counter

8.When finished turn off printer and turn on again. The printer will flame with full green light. Epson Stylus T13 modifications flashing means that the printer is ready to use again.
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