jQuery How To Service The Epson TX111,TX210,T60 Blinking

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How To Service The Epson TX111,TX210,T60 Blinking

Epson Printer series stylus printer 3 introduces the latest IE Stylus TX111 (all in one), Epson Stylus TX210 (all in one), and the Epson Stylus Photo T60 (photo printing). The printer uses ink third with Water Proof technology from Epson Printer, so that by the time the results of the print is exposed to water, the ink on the document or photo you print will not fade, and it has been proved through tests conducted by them.


How To Service The Epson TX111,TX210,T60 Blinking

1. Blink on the drawing paper

If blinking on paper means paper can not enter or usually called paper jam. This damage usually caused rubber paper loading (whatever his name is) his already weak or something is Scotch paper path.
  • If there is a manual playlist try Scotch with paper placed on the paper tray.
  • If the rubber paper loading already weak replace with new or dial rubber half circle

2. Blink ink on the image,

ink ask for reset. the first way to replace problematic appointed catrid, the second way to sign in to the driver, right click printer click properties click the printing preference click maintenance click ink catrid replacement. wait until the position could be removed/catrid taken. then take the catrid designated problematic or take all of them wait a few moments and then plug it back and forward commands provided on ink catrid replacement. easy to hope I've not error again
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3. Blink on the drawing paper and ink

At first the movement of this normal normal printer only. but at the moment the scaner warmingup suddenly sound track track track track continues then blink pictures of paper and ink. This happens because the scaner is already weak and have been unable to read sensors so directly aja replace with a new one (price scaner probably around 300 thousands of if not wrong) or search for cannibals.

4. If the Requested reset printer software please read here
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