jQuery Tips for Connecting to a Printer To print your Android

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Tips for Connecting to a Printer To print your Android

Currently his sophisticated, to print any can done easily. First You want to print data from the mobile phone to the printer is very difficult, but now with hp android anywhere you can print photos or documents. The android mobile operating system to experience the rapid development

When it began to be used to print data or pictures from your phone and instantly be connected with the printer. Google has developed Open Source operating system that can be used on android phones to the printer. HP android or tablet currently is almost the same with computers, hp android could send email, browsing and more of the same is the case if you play on your computer or laptop.

The presence of hp's android currently indeed many inviting consumer interest to have it. In addition to technology that is quite sophisticated, android also has a function that almost any computer or laptop. Now you can print the document or picture from android to printer. The emergence of cloud-based printing technology makes it easy for users of android to print easily. Some printers are currently made with the technology sophisticated enough and is equipped with Wifi connection, bluetooth and USB also. If you have a printer with the service then you could use the google cloud print service to print document or pictures from android to printer.


Google cloud print service ni is a service and technology that allows you to connect printer to web or android wherever you are. To connect your phone to android or android device, you need a USB OTG Z1 Android. Additional applications that are used to print a document or an image of the andorid indeed needed and you can google cloud print sellers. These additional applications can be done either through an internet connection in the form of wifi or using a USB cable directly from Your andorid towards the printer. There are quite a number of android phones that can do it this time.

Here's how to connect to a printer on the adroid print:

Prepare a data cable ULTRASOUND OTG

Before you ngeprint then first You have to set up the data cable that will be used to connect the android with the printer. You can use the data cable USB OTG is widely available at stores gadgets.

Make sure Your andorid hp available facilities support USB OTG cable

If you want to print data from mobile phones andorid then make sure that your mobile phone has a USB OTG cable facilities.

Connect with printer

If both of the above is available, the next step is with ULTRASOUND OTG corresponds on the printer. Insert the data cable into the printer data cable USB OTG then look on the hp andorid you is already connected or not. If You are already connected andorid hp printer then the google cloud print applications of the right And the install will read documents or pictures that you would print.

How to print a document or an image from hp android to printer is indeed quite easy, even you can easily print all of the documents that you've been browsing on the internet through hp's android and print it on the printer easily. Technology Facilities printers and hp android makes your job much easier and quick completion. Print photos or documents quickly can be done easily through an internet connection and USB OTG cable also on hp android.
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