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Infinity Screen 6.3 Inch that is Comfortable to Hold
The Samsung Galaxy Note8 is equipped with an extra wide 6.3 inch touch screen, which is the biggest of all previous Galaxy Note variants. A wider, curved screen on the left and right edges gives a 14% wider visual appearance and more space to use the S Pen. Even though it has the most wide screen size, the Galaxy Note8 is still comfortable to hold because the left and right corners are curved so that it can maximize the available space next to the screen ratio of 18.5: 9. The screen resolution in the default setting is Full HD + and can be changed to Quad HD + (WQHD +) in the Settings menu.

More and more natural experience of using S Pen
The S-Pen Note8's edge is only 0.7 mm, more pointed than the Galaxy Note 5 series which is 1.6 mm. The pointed tip of the S Pen allows you to write or draw better on the screen. Plus the S Pen Pressure Sensor level is now twice as high (4096) so you can feel the sensation of writing more naturally than before. S Pen is equipped with a variety of interesting features, ranging from creating animated GIF images from videos, drawing and recreating photos, writing notes instantly even when the screen is off thanks to the AOD (Always on Display) feature, enlarging content, translating languages, and much more.

The Samsung Galaxy Note8 is equipped with an extra wide 6.3 inch touch screen, which is the biggest of all previous Galaxy Note variants.

Two Rear Cameras with Dual OIS and 2x Optical Zoom
The Galaxy Note8 is Samsung's first Smartphone with two rear cameras. The two cameras each have a 12MP resolution and consist of a telephoto and wide-angle lens. Telephoto lenses have 2x Optical Zoom capability. Meanwhile, both cameras are equipped with an image stabilizer (Optical Image Stabilization - OIS) which functions to stabilize the camera capture and reduce image blur (blur). The two rear cameras have some interesting features, such as:

Live Focus: focus the shot on the subject and blur the background, the same as when you shoot with a DSLR camera. You can adjust the background blur level manually according to taste
Dual Capture: this feature allows the camera to capture anything that happens outside the main picture frame, by relying on a Wide Angle lens
Low Light Photo: Wide Angle lens equipped with F1.7 aperture opening and 1.4┬Ám pixels so you can get a wider and brighter image capture, even in low lighting
Mode Options: take advantage of various shooting modes to make photos more interesting, such as: Food Mode, Pro Mode, Panorama, and Slow Motion.

Super Fast Performance: 10nm Processor + 6GB RAM
With Samsung Galaxy Note8, you can feel super fast and smooth performance. CPU AP (Application Processor) with 10nm fabrication enables applications to run faster and remain efficient. 6GB RAM support allows you to use many applications simultaneously. The Galaxy Note8 supports Vulkan API to bring a more realistic gaming sensation, but it doesn't drain the battery quickly. The internal storage capacity of 64GB can be increased up to 256GB with MicroSD. One Dual SIM Tray slot can be used for one SIM + MicroSD or two SIM without MicroSD.

Phone +: Connect to Samsung's Many Sophisticated Accessories
Connect the Galaxy Note8 to: Samsung DeX, Bixby, Gear 360, and Gear VR. (sold separately)

Layered security system
Not only one, the Galaxy Note8 is equipped with many security features. Apart from being able to unlock keys with a Password, PIN, or lock pattern, this Smartphone is also equipped with a fingerprint sensor and a retina sensor. Samsung Knox protects biometric data from stored patterns and security data. The layered security system protects privacy and vital data inside the Smartphone from nosy hands.

Samsung Galaxy Note8 Driver Software for Microsoft Windows Operating System.

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